Call for Proposals 2021


Our submission window for proposals for the Competitive Teaching Fund is closed.

Further information on the criteria and submission procedure can be found in the fact sheet (see box on the right).

Information Event 2021

The information event was held virtually via Zom on Tuesday 13 April. The recording is in German. If you would like information in English, please contact us directly via email ( or Hannah Freeman on Teams)

Study Program Directors

Proposals can be entered by any instructor at UZH. The final submission, however, needs to be approved by the study program director.

The respective study program director of your department can be found here:

Special note concerning proposals from the Faculty of Arts

Are you a teacher at the Faculty of Arts with innovative teaching ideas distinguished by a focus on digital technologies? If this is the case, we would ask you to contact Lukas Loeffel from the Digitale Lehre und Forschung team (DLF) or Hannah Lora Freeman from the Center for University Teaching and Learning.

In order for the project to receive appropriate funding this coordination is necessary before submission of the proposal.